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The performance objective for the Long Lake Township T-Ball program is for our children to participate in coach assisted ball games that will be used to develop individual player skills in a non-competitive environment.  The objective is to score runs on the other team while preventing the opposition from scoring. The rules are simplified to accommodate young beginner players.  The program emphasizes skill development and sportsmanship over winning.  There is no score keeping of any kind.


  1. Safety is always first.
  2. No throwing the bat.
  3. All batters will wear a batting helmet while at bat and on base.
  4. No base stealing.
  5. Boys and girls ages 5-6 years old by May 1st of the current year are eligible to play.
  6. The “HOME” team is responsible for the field set up.
  7. Each game will consist of  “4 Innings or 1 Hour”
  8. The teams should be at the field at least 10 minutes prior to the game and ready to go at game time.
  9. All players will be placed in the batting line up and bat in listed order.
  10. Games will be cancelled when conditions make it dangerous to continue.
  11. The home team will supply a new game ball.
  12. Both teams are responsible for cleaning up their area after each game.
  13. Each coach will be responsible for their own players’ conduct.
  14. No pets/animals of any kind are permitted at the fields during practices or games.
  15. No player will play the same position for more than 2 consecutive innings.
  16. Coaches will ensure that all players will play at least half of each game.
  17. Coaches should be positioned at the batting tee as well as 1st and 3rd bases.
  18. A maximum of 3 coaches are allowed for the fielding team. (assisting with player positioning and instructional guidance)
  19. If a team is short defensive players, the opposing team may assist if they have extra players
  20. There will be no score keeping
  21. When batting, all players will remain in their designated dug-out.
  22. Half of the batting order will bat each inning. The last batter will ‘clear the bases’ unless an out is recorded (or outs) during the play. The inning continues through half the batting order - regardless of the number of outs.
  23. All batters will hit off the Tee.
  24. A 15ft arc will be drawn from 1st base line to the 3rd base line.  A hit ball must travel outside of this line to constitute a hit.  If the ball does not travel past this line, the ball is declared dead and the batter receives another attempt.
  25. The pitcher can make unassisted outs by running the ball to a base.
  26. Players can only advance one base.  No advancements on over throws.
  27. There is no base stealing.
  28.  If a player’s ball is caught in the air by the defense or successfully thrown out, the batter will return to the dug-out and that base will remain vacant.